Q: I’m an art director, publisher, creative director, commissioned art seeker, or print buyer, and I’d like to use a member of Helioscope to storyboard, illustrate, concept sketch, etc. How do I do that?
A: Visit our contact page to send an inquiry, write us directly at helioscopepdx@gmail.com or (within the US) call 503-327-8215. Including information about the work or product you're interested in, your desired budget, timeline, and which creators you're hoping to work with will help us to provide you with a timely quote. 

Q: Will you draw me something on commission?
A: Many of our artists take private commissions. Contact us for more information. Individual members can also be contacted directly.

Q: Can I join Helioscope?
A: Membership is by invitation only, and our workspace is currently at full capacity. We encourage all independent creators to consider starting their own shared studios!

Q: Can I be an intern?
A: As of March 2018 we have reopened our public Mentorship Program applications. Learn more on this page.

Q: Do you give studio tours?
A: We are not a traditional business, but a co-working space of many individual artists working on unannounced projects. As such, we are not able to give tours.

Q: I have this great idea for a graphic novel. Will you do the drawings?
A: If you are already working with a publisher and/or are able to provide a professional page rate up front, we would be happy to speak with you! None of our members are able to provide work for projects that do not currently have funding attached. This kind of work is called "on spec" in the industry, and we strongly discourage you from approaching professional artists on those terms.

If you are seeking a limited number of individual pieces of art for a publishing pitch, and are able to provide payment, that is considered commissioned art; please use our contact form to find out more. 

Q: Will you come out to speak, draw or teach at my school, my meeting, or my corporate retreat, etc.?
A: Contact us to find out our availability and price. Several of our members have experience with school and library talks, academic presentations, corporate event live-drawing, and more. Please note that, due to high demand, our members are only available for paid engagements.

Q: My child loves to draw. Can I bring them by to see the studio?
A: We're unable to accommodate visits from the public. However, several of our members regularly perform school visits. We recommend that you talk to your child’s teacher or principal, suggest us for an art enrichment day, and pass along our contact information.

Q: Can you critique my portfolio?
A: The best place to have this done is at a convention or one of our store signings. See our Appearances page for upcoming dates. Please do not arrive at our office with your portfolio.

Q: I have a comic or artwork that I’d like to have you sign. How?
A: Bring it with you to a convention or a store appearance and we’d be happy to sign it. If that’s impossible, contact us to make alternative arrangements.