Wook Jin Clark

Wook Jin Clark was born in Seoul, grew up in Atlanta, and now lives in Portland, where he's been a member of Helioscope since 2014. 

His primary joys are: Drawing, coffee, wrestling, and manga (pretty much those on repeat until forever.)

He was on the Library Association's list of Great Graphic Novels for Teens in 2010 for illustrating The Return of King Doug, and again in 2015 for Adventure Time: The Flipside with Paul Tobin and Colleen Coover.

He wrote and illustrated MEGAGOGO Vol. OO1 for Oni Press. He has also drawn Regular Show OGN vol.2 Noir Mean Noir, Buddy, along with short comics for Regular ShowBee and PuppycatBill and Ted's Most Triumphant Return, and Bravest Warriors, all for BOOM Studios. 

Commercial clients have included Adidas, Amazon, Brooks, GE, STELA and Intel.